Here’s What Professionals Say:

“I found that the use of the UroFunnel system over the last two years has made operative surgery much easier. It’s robust enough that you can put the instruments down into the drape, the whole thing doesn’t collapse, likewise you can collect as much fluid into the drape, again it doesn’t collapse and it really gives you good control. I’ve found it very effective, extremely helpful and I wouldn’t do without it now.”
Rick Popert, Consultant Urologist, London

“I’ve been using Paramount drapes now for nearly four years. They are fantastic because they keep me (especially my socks) and the patient dry. Ever since we have been using them the mops have disappeared from our theatres. Well done Paramount. Thank you.”
Anil Vohra, Consultant Urologist, Essex

“So obviously Better”
Paul Miller, Consultant Urologist Surrey

“We used to work in an environment where there was flooding all around our feet. The Urofunnel will keep you dry so your nurses won’t have to tidy up after you. The fluids are kept in a closed system that can be taken away as they are and nobody has to touch them…The Urofunnel is brilliant .”
Christoph Kastner, Consultant Urologist, Sussex