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Since 2005, Paramount medical has been a customer focussed company that firstly listens to the challenges that health care professionals face every day, and secondly, applies a little common sense, intelligence, creativity and hard work to develop solutions for fluid management in hospitals, operating rooms, and clinics.

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Paramount Medical Solutions - Urology, Fluid management and Procedure Packs

Over the years Paramount Medical has revolutionised urology consumables. It all began with introducing the  UroFunnel® system to UK theatres in 2005.  For the first time urologists and healthcare professionals enjoyed clean dry theatres after even some of the most challenging TURPs.  The  SafeDispose™ system has transformed recovery and urology wards by offering a solution for understanding the volume of fluid outflow and a closed system for disposing of catheter bag waste.

Paramount’s vast experience in urology led them to start producing custom procedure packs tailored to clinician’s needs and offering tremendous value for money whilst reducing time and waste.

Recently Paramount has introduced the UroPro® line of urology consumables and IVD devices offering a range of surgical drapes, irrigation sets, Camera drapes, stone catchers and 24 hour urine collectors.  Whatever your requirements, get in touch and Paramount Medical Solutions will help you find the fluid control solution that fits your needs.  Our contact details can be found at the bottom of this page.

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We offer a range of Custom Procedure Packs, Surgical Drapes, Fluid Waste Systems and Consumables.

Protective Clothing

We provide quality surgical Safety is a major concern for healthcare workers on the frontline. We have supplies that protect your most valuabe asset: Your staff. We provide surgical gowns for many...

Custom Procedure Packs

With hundreds of standard components to choose from we’ve got you covered with a range of surgical drapes, bowls, to irrigation sets and accessories.  Get in touch for free samples and a quote on...

DSXR 62 Litre Mobile Suction Unit

The DSXR multi-pump suction system is changing theatres everywhere. Collect and dispose of fluid surgical waste safely, protecting staff and enabling greater patient focus. More cost effective...

UroPro® Urology Products

Engineered for professionals. The correct product to do the procedure right, with all the necessary accessories. Click below to see our range of Camera covers, Irrigation sets, tubing, and...

The UroFunnel System

The UroFunnel® System is a revolution in fluid capture for wet urology procedures. It's wide diameter and innovative design captures almost all fluid waste, keeping the surgeon, table, patient and...

A smarter approach to fluid disposal

The UK’s NHS Trusts alone produce an estimated 193,000 tonnes of clinical waste annually, which includes blood, human tissue and drugs. It is critical that this type of waste is disposed as safely and as efficiently as possible.

Current approaches are expensive, with problematic environmental outcomes and risk of injury. The goal of Paramount is to enable much safer procedures than the rudimentary systems used in the past. Some of our advanced technologies are detailed on this website.