UroPro Stone Catcher

Low profile, convenient and portable

UroPro Stone Catcher

When you’ve been diagnosed with Kidney stones it is so important to catch and retain the stone if you pass it. Firstly it may help your urologist prescribe the right course of action to avoid future stone growth recurrence and Secondly it can avoid future investigations and interventions like CT scans and even ureteroscopies and all the risks, time, inconvenience and even pain associated with them.

Because you never know when you may pass a stone, it’s vital to inspect all your urine till you do pass it. This can sometimes take weeks. This is where the UroPro Stone Catcher comes in. It’s a discreet, collapsible sieve that you can bring anywhere that makes it easy to catch and retain a stone wherever you are.

Product Code:    PM-6UP

Product Description:  UroPro Stone Catcher

Case Quantity:    50