UroFunnel® Bag

Packed Sterile 20/Case

UroFunnel® Bag

  • Surgical draping
  • Colour: natural/transparent
  • Material: PVC
  • Dimensions: 71x84cm
  • Under buttocks Cuff
  • Flap for securing around UroFunnel Frames
  • Mesh screen for capturing chips
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Creates widest possible pouch without obstructing the surgeon
Ideal resting place for instruments
Keeps Patient, Table and floor Dry
Fine Mesh screen for capturing chips
Under buttocks flap directs fluid away from patient
Secures  around all UroFunnel Frames
connects seamlessly with SafeDispose Containers or suction
Designed to eliminate pull down on the penis
Natural PVC sized 71x84cm
Latex Free

Cleaning Up Theatres Everywhere!

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