5 Litre SafeDispose Collection container

Packed Non-Sterile 20/Case

5 Litre SafeDispose Collection container

5 Litre Container with solidification powder
Creates a Closed system with the UroFunnel Bag
No drip, quck and easy to change during procedures
Latex Free

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SafeDispose Collection System. Do away with buckets forever with the incredible SafeDispose Container SafeDispose™. Available in 5 and 10 Litre sizes pre-packed with a solidification agent for safe disposal. They are lightweight, stackable, spill proof and include a molded handle for easy transport. The containers expand into a cube as they fill and are easy to change during high volume procedures with our Fast-Flow taps. Simply turn the tap off, unscrew, and screw back on to an empty container. It’s simple, convenient and DRY. Fluid outflow can be monitored by way of our SafeDispose Volume indicator. These are also perfect for use in Recovery.

  • Lightweight and stackable
  • Spill proof, even when dropped
  • Molded handle makes disposal easy
  • Easy to change mid-procedure
  • Eliminates buckets protecting staff from infection and slipping

Cleaning Up Theatres Everywhere!

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