The UroFunnel System

The UroFunnel® System is a revolution in fluid capture for wet urology procedures. It's wide diameter and innovative design captures almost all fluid waste, keeping the surgeon, table, patient and floors dry - dramatically improving infection control and staff productivity. The UroFunnel bag is unobtrusive and makes an ideal resting place for the surgeon's instruments. Because it is independent from the patient drape it won’t start to fill up and pull down on the site making it a far safer option then a traditional TUR drape. At the base of the bag a mesh screen collects any tissue specimen before the effluent is carried through a wide extendable drain hose that connects to our SafeDispose™ Containers forming a completely closed system.

The UroFunnel® Drapes and Frame

The system incorporates a reusable frame, the UroFunnel Bag and the Urofunnel patient drape.  Our line of accessories allows connection to any waste receptacle.


Why should excellent fluid disposal be limited to theatres? We think everyone should be able to do away with buckets forever.

No more carrying jugs and buckets across busy recovery units. Simply attach a catheter bag to a SafeDispose container and you’ve eliminated the potential for spills, splashes, slips and stenches. Fluid outflow can be monitored in the catheter bag or by way of our SafeDispose Volume Indicator.


We have a whole host of accessories to tailor the UroFunnel system to your particular needs and make it work for your department.

SafeDispose Collection Containers

Do away with buckets forever with the incredible SafeDispose Container SafeDispose™. Available in 5 and 10 Litre sizes pre-packed with a solidification agent for safe disposal. They are lightweight, stackable, spill proof and include a molded handle for easy transport. The containers expand into a cube as they fill and are easy to change during high volume procedures with our Fast-Flow taps. Simply turn the tap off, unscrew, and screw back on to an empty container. It’s simple, convenient and DRY. Fluid outflow can be monitored by way of our SafeDispose Volume indicator. These are also perfect for use in Recovery.